About Us


Our Musical Journey

How We Began

RocSolid Productions was established in 2009, by Judah and Solomon Isreal. Since the beginning we have been on a mission to educate, empower and entertain. We created RocSolid to represent the embodiment of strength, discipline and perseverance. All throughout our cultural exploration we have aimed to build meaningful relationships through drumming and dance. We have spent many years developing into a world class network of passionate and talented artists who are dedicated to their craft. 

Music is a love language that everyone can speak and through cultural diversity we aim to break the barriers that separate us and build a bond that keeps us together.

We are RocSolid.




Solomon Isreal

Solomon Mason was born June 12th, 1995 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Son of the world renowned percussionist and legendary stilt walker Zohar Isreal, He is also the brother of Shaka Zulu and Judah Isreal. Born into an extensive family tree of artists and musicians, he was introduced to the drum and African culture at a young age by his father. He became a teacher  and started spreading knowledge across Louisiana and eventually all across America visiting over 2000 schools. A free spirit with over 15 years of experience as a performing artist, multi-instrumentalist, song writer and stilt walker. He has dedicated his life to the preservation and continuation of traditional African drumming and culture.  Along with spreading his passion for music, he strives to connect with all people across the world through the beat of a drum.