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Our Commitment

RocSolid Productions is committed to providing top quality programs and educational resources that will enrich, engage and inspire, always putting students at the forefront. Our goal has always been to make the journey of learning fun and rewarding. Each program is specially customized to give unique and unforgettable experiences for participants. From developing new skills to exploring new worlds, there is truly something for everyone. We will continue to raise the bar as we achieve our goals.



Our audiobook series was designed for students to expand their musical knowledge, sharpen their skills or play just for fun. Learn basic accompaniments, test music comprehension, identify symbols/notation and develop skills on multiple instruments. 


Audio Books Include:

- 30+ loops of all instruments

- Sheet music/notation 

- 10+ hours of mp4 loops

- Detailed infographics for playing techniques

PlayAlong 1

Bass Tone Slap

Beginner Exercises For Djembe

New to djembe?

Bass Tone Slap is the perfect introduction for beginner djembe players. Grab your drum, let's PLAY!



  • Available Online

    Can't make it to class? No worries, schedule an online session

    35 US dollars
  • A gentle introduction to drumming

    35 US dollars
  • Hosted by N'Fungola Sibo African Dance and Drum Company, Inc.

    Tue, Thu

    15 US dollars


Into to djembe

Intro to DJEMBE

Everything you need to know about Djembe. From developing technique to basic care and maintenance.


Music Notation

Reading music does not have to be difficult. Traditional rhythms in an easy-to-read format 

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