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Learning with a TWIST

We are responsible for creating the future we wish to see and that begins with educating, empowering and nurturing our youth. We have spent many years innovating an exhilarating learning experience through cultural exploration, which is essential to the development of our leaders of tomorrow. We acknowledge the similarities we share but embrace and celebrate the very things that make us unique, our differences. Song and dance is a universal language that we all can speak and enjoy together and this helps us better understand the world we live in. Music is an effective learning tool we use to incorporate entertainment into our youth programming.

Music & Movement Workshop

The music and movement workshop is an introduction into traditional rhythms, songs, dances and folklore from West Africa and its diaspora. We uncover many wonders such as: people, food, languages and music. By doing so, we not only shed light on the many similarities Africa has but more importantly, how the continent influenced the world.  The power of drum and dance provide a healthy and inclusive learning environment that promotes confidence and expression.

M&M Worshop Dance

Music & Movement 


In this dance intensive, participants will learn about the many wonders of Africa and its culture. Through song and dance, we aim to understand why we dance and the importance of the connection and influences on our heritage.

Artistic Process:

  • Greetings and introduction

  • Origin of dance

  • Identifying the "Break"

  • Warm up

  • Traditional dance start to finish

  • Solo Circle

  • Cool down/Reflection

Music & Movement 


In this drum intensive, participants will learn the origins of ancient African instruments and rhythms. We use drumming as a form of expression. As well as a tool to build dexterity, memory retention and social-emotional learning skills.


Artistic Process:

  • Introduction

  • Origin of instruments 

  • Drum Demo

  • Warm up

  • Traditional rhythm from start to finish

  • Cool down/Reflection 

M&M Workshop Drum

Afro-Caribbean Showcase

afro shwcase

An imaginative experience that begins in the forests of West Africa and ends on the shores of the Caribbean Islands. An insightful griot and his N'goni take us on a musical journey through history, full of storytelling, music and FUN! Along our journey, we will meet new people discover different cultures and learn many lessons as we sing dance to our destination. Join US!

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